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Adult Dance is an intimate west London's exclusive underground party that emerged from “great things have small beginnings” ethos where everything has stripped down to its core to make everything just right at the smallest scale.


As the name suggested, our party will be cool and smart. So, the music policy is Eclectic cool sounds with warm and sophisticated grooves that tune to the sound system to make you feel the music and dance comfortably.


At each of our events, a carefully selected guest DJ will be highlighted from 18:00-19:30 while resident DJs will be nailed an appropriate sound from 15:00-18:00 and 19:30-22:00 That’s enough time for you to have a good time, go back to sleep and get up to work on Monday.


The location is unique and special as it will be exclusive to our party. They also serve delicious Thai food on the ground floor from 17:30-22:30 while we are partying underneath in the fully decorated secret underground garden basement.

This event will only happen once in a while when we are ready and feel it is the right time to make it special and memorable. So, you better keep ears and eyes peeled.


The size of the party is limited to only 30-40 people! and will be reserved only to the right people through our network of friends and word of mouth.


If you are interested in joining our party, please register your interest by filling the form below. We will check your profile and if you are lucky we will be in touch by text message to confirm your place for the next available party.



It will be full and it will be fun,

Adult Dance Party


Register your interest

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